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Seriously? A Man In A Panda Suit Threatens To Blow Up A TV Station!

" Panda " ( CC BY-SA 2.0 ) by    drewgstephens   We've had our fair share of crazies at the iHeart Complex but NOTHIHNG as crazy as this LOL A man dressed...
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LOOK: Colorado Eagles 2016-2017 Schedule Is Out!

What's the 2016-2017 Colorado Eagles Schedule Look Like?
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Sad That The Colorado Eagles' Season Is Over?

A quick blog on my random thoughts after last nights heartbreaking loss..
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LISTEN: Big Rob Chats Playoffs with Colorado Eagles' Darryl Bootland!

Big Rob chat's with Colorado Eagles' Star Darryl Bootland!
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Big Rob Remember's Prince

Big Rob remembers the legendary Prince.. #RIPPrice
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WATCH: Adults Brawl At Kids Baseball Game!

These poor children..
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WATCH: New Taylor Swift Rocks Out To A throwback In New Apple Commercial

Taylor Swift loves her some Jimmy Eat World!
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Denver Broncos 2016 Schedule Is HERE!

How's the Denver Broncos Schedule for 2016 look??
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A Stoner Restaraunt Coming Soon?

Yup.. It's happening!
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WATCH: Should The Colorado Eagles Sign These Two Hounds? LOL

This is all you need to watch today to smile :)
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